breaking bad eating habits and how to do it the easy way

Do you want to eat better but don’t know where to start? You’re not the only one who feels this way. I can tell you firsthand, as someone who used to weigh roughly 40 pounds more than I do now, that eating properly is not always easy. And, according to scientists, it’s not totally our fault.

the addiction: a lot of people don’t like to link food with addictions but i wan’t to help you and do do so it’s important to understand that unhealthy eating is the same or even worse than doing drugs such as tobacco, codeine, alcohol and e.t.c.

the chains: when ever leaving a bad addiction like unhealthy eating habits it almost feel as if theirs a chain scraped between you and unhealthy foods such as burger,hotdogs,fries and e.t.c. and the goal of this article is the break that chain and let you live life with one less thing to worry about in the circus we call life.

but how: at the end of the day breaking any kind of bad habit in general comes down to your discipline and having more discipline can really help you in breaking these habits. the best way to develop discipline regardless of who you are is just simply doing things that you now you should do but don’t enjoy doing, but there a strategy to doing this. there is a scale of things that you need to do but don’t want to at the bottom is things that are easy to do but you may not be doing usually due to some form of procrastination like doing the dishes or walking your dog. but at the top of the scale you have extremely hard task like learning a new skill and renovating the kitchen so what you should do is complete things that are at the bottom of the scale and build your way up at your pace. this is great because everyone has different lives and different paces in which they can do this so you can customize the scale and how quickly you will go up it at your own will.

the good addictions: eventually you will become addiction again but not to unhealthy food but to healthy foods and doing things that will actually better your life. just like another thing in life this can also be quite hard but following the plan above i strongly believe that you will build the habit naturally so not building the habit in your first week of doing this is not that big of a deal.anyways that’s all i have for you to day the references will be linked down below and be sure to subscribe to our mailing list so you can get our daily posts right in your inbox every morning.



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