why do i gain weight at the beginning of my workout plans

there could be a thousand reasons why you would want to workout but Whatever your motivation, expect to gain a few pounds at first. But it’s nothing to worry about. The pounds won’t hang around if you keep working out there just temporary.

why it happens

when you workout you make micro tears in your muscles and it also causes inflation which can lead to conditioning in muscle fiber which is way you gain a tiny bit of weight at the beginning of a workout plan but it’s harmless and nothing you need to worry about. in fact that weight isn’t even fat or muscle it’s just water and other liquids that end up staying in your system for a longer period of time. if you weight yourself and then drink a lot of water and weight yourself again you will way more because there’s a lot of water in your body and this is exactly the same thing.

healing the cuts

healing the micro cuts in your muscles in a natural process and happened fairly quickly, if the weight is not lost with a maximum of 2 weeks it’s an important idea to consult your doctor on your weight gain while on the workout plan. a lot of people blame this weight gain that happens in the beginning as a sign that the workout is not working but that is far from the case this is just a natural process and eventually calms down.


this was indeed a short read but we have been trying to provide as much as information in a minimal amount of paragraphs so our readers can spend less time reading about how to lose weight and actually start trying to lose weight but either way if you liked this be sure to subscribe to our mailing list so you get an email whenever we post.

chloe,n (writer)

abby, k (editor)

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