how to really stay motivated while trying to lose weight

most people try losing weight and almost every time when someone does we always here one thing again and again “how do i stay motivated to keep losing weight” and the solution is much easier than you may think.


a large majority of people who fail in losing weight don’t have a motivation strategy to stay motivated and after lots of research I’ve found one of the best strategies to use in order to stay motivated throughout the whole diet/workout plan.

mile stone strategy

i wise person once said “you should enjoy every step on the road than the end of the trail” and this is kind of similar to what we are going to be doing. all you have to do is see how much you lost every week and remember there may be weeks where you lose nothing. now let say you want to lose 10 pounds in five weeks usually this will go something like you will lose 3 pounds the first week, then 2 the second week, the 0 the third week, then 2 the fourth week and at last you lose 3 more pound the last week. this is a mile stone strategy these weekly results will give you the motivation you need to keep going and it doesn’t al ways have to be weight related results, see if you are looking better every week or perhaps get a undersized dress and see if you fit in it better each week, whatever works for you.


that’s all we have for you today i hope you loved today article and we hope you the best is your weight loss journey and hope to see you at our blog again sometime soon.


Daniel,r (lead writer)
Chloe,n (writer)

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