how should i lose weight super quickly

Weight loss is always individual, I highly recommend to try different approaches while using In-body (or similar measurements) to see what works best. in order to do this i’m going to recommend a variety of workout for you to try, find what works best for you and stick to it like glue.


there are a variety of benefits of running and you don’t have to run a marathon to see big results. seeing results when it comes to weight loss when running comes down to two things, calories and consistency. it’s a no brainer to be on a calorie deficit when doing a cardio workout so you can burn more fat, if you are a beginner to working out and don’t know what that means a calorie definite is just how many calories do you eat an how many do your burn and in this case you want to eat less and burn more. the second thing is consistency you want to be consistent and disciplined when doing this since it can get tough just like any other workout plan.some more benefits include:

  • increased heart rate
  • higher blood circulation
  • stronger heart muscles
  • oxygen uptake rises
  • increase in brain power
  • stronger muscles
  • better mood
  • and e.t.c.

one punch man workout

the name sounds weird but the workout in one of the most extreme workouts on this list. it consists of a 10km run, 100 squats, 100 sit-ups and 100 push-ups everyday. but the results are also mind-blowing. if you think you have the discipline and consistency to do this for at least 30 days it’s worth a try if you ask us.

the keto diet

a keto diet is a very common method used by many to lose fat they don’t want. there’s a lot of research on the keto diet and it’s safety but it’s still highly recommended to contact a doctor and tell them about you starting this diet considering that this just like any other diet might be every good for some but very bad for others but if your doctor thinks it is OK for you go ahead and give it a try. everyone will follow different keto recipes so the best we can do at the moment is send you to some keto diet recipe books and hopefully they will help you the same way it has helped others.


Brian Syuki – Focus Fitness

ozkar – youtuber

hum nutrition – youtuber

Daniel,r (lead writer)
Chloe,n (writer)
Abby, k (editor)

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