the diet plan that has helped thousands lose 16 pounds a month

before i show you this diet i much bring to your attention that i am not the person who created this diet. a found this on pintrest a few months ago and divided to give it a try. it is much harder that it seems but the results are magnificent and this is coming from someone who has tried tons and tons of weight loss diets only to find that a handful of them worked very successfully and today i’m showing my readers one of them for the first time on this blog.

pros and cons


  • rapid weight loss
  • rush of energy around half way in
  • meal prep of beyond easy
  • doesn’t require you to take any supplements or unhealthy pills to lose weight


  • loose skin, this is common in lots of rapid wight loss diets and is a sign that the diet is actually working
  • lots of hunger in the first 3-4 days(and i mean a lot)
  • need to use the bathroom increases a lot
  • is you are male you may experience wet dreams


as always please consult your doctor or another health care professional before you start this diet because we are all different and such a low intake of calories can be dangerous for some of you. if you are willing to put through the challenge of taking this weight loss program and are in a stable condensation to do it go ahead and give it a try but before that be sure to go give some support to on pintrest for there amazing work.

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