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for this page in our blog we have decided to do something special, we have brought in our family members and friends to write about us, what they think about us, what they know about us and how they think who we are. – Abby, k (editor)

Chloe, n (writer) – Chloe was always a joyful child for s long as i can remember. she loved sports and build the habit of living healthy at an early age but seeing how others were eating there way to the grave at just the young age of 14 she started working to help people better there lives and has been doing so till this day. she has found passion in helping others and i have no doubt about it. now she is 20 but whenever she comes for a visit and writers something for the blog she works for i see this brightness in her eyes like never before. i know my daughter loves helping other who want to live a better life and i’m very proud of her because of that. – Ava, n (Chloe’s mother)

Abby, k (editor) – hi i’m Abby’s younger brother James and i haven’t really gotten to know my sister that well in fact most of my family hasn’t either. from the day i was born till now she has always been quite introverted but whenever she writes it seems like she just threw all the shyness out of the window and becomes a whole new person when writing. i honestly wouldn’t hope for anything but for her to keep doing what’s she’s doing after seeing hoe happy she is with her job as an editor for the weight loss diet. -James,k (Abby’s brother)

Daniel, r (lead writer) – my dad always says “if you want to see the rainbow you have to go through the rain” – Justin,r (Daniel’s 7 year old son)

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